Brick Repairs

West U Handyman showcases its extensive expertise in providing top-tier brick repair services. With a focus on precision and customer satisfaction, our skilled team excels in all facets of brickwork restoration and maintenance. Whether it's fixing cracks, replacing damaged bricks, or conducting mortar repair, we handle each project with care and professionalism. Utilizing a diverse range of materials and techniques, we ensure durable and visually appealing repairs that enhance the overall aesthetic of your property. With over three decades of experience serving the Houston, Texas area, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed expectations on every brick repair project. Trust West U Handyman to address your brick repair needs with expertise and reliability. Contact us today to discuss your brick repair requirements and experience the difference our services can make.

What We Offer

Our offerings include specialized proficiency in Brick Repairs, where our skilled team excels in providing top-tier restoration and maintenance services. From fixing cracks to replacing damaged bricks, we handle each project with precision and professionalism, ensuring durable and visually appealing repairs that enhance the overall aesthetic of your property. Beyond brick repairs, we extend a diverse range of carpentry services, covering everything from furniture assembly to structural enhancements. With a focus on quality installations and innovative designs, we guarantee exceptional results that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. At West U Handyman, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and our ability to transform your property with expert solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to explore our services and experience the difference craftsmanship makes.

Brick Repairs Services

Mortar Repointing

Restore the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your brickwork with our mortar repointing service. Over time, weather exposure and wear can cause mortar joints to deteriorate, leading to loose or crumbling bricks. Our skilled masons carefully remove deteriorated mortar and replace it with fresh mortar, ensuring a secure bond and proper alignment of bricks.

Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Revitalize the appearance of your brick surfaces with our brick cleaning and restoration service. Over time, dirt, grime, and environmental pollutants can accumulate on brick surfaces, detracting from their beauty and luster. Our skilled technicians utilize specialized cleaning techniques and solutions to remove stains, mold, mildew, and discoloration, restoring the natural beauty and color of your bricks. Additionally, we offer sealing and waterproofing treatments to protect your brickwork from future damage and preserve its appearance for years to come.

Brick Replacement

Address damaged or deteriorated bricks with our professional brick replacement service. Whether it's cracked, chipped, or broken bricks, our experienced masons carefully remove damaged bricks and replace them with matching or complementary replacements. We ensure proper alignment and integration of new bricks, seamlessly blending them with the existing brickwork for a uniform appearance.

Brick Wall Reinforcement

Strengthen and stabilize brick walls with our brick wall reinforcement service. Whether it's due to structural issues, foundation settling, or external forces, brick walls may develop cracks, bulges, or instability over time. Our experienced masons assess the condition of your brick walls and provide tailored reinforcement solutions to enhance their structural integrity. From installing steel reinforcements and helical ties to applying carbon fiber mesh, we implement effective techniques to strengthen and stabilize your brick walls, ensuring their long-term durability and safety.

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    Our Satisfied Customers

    Mike did an excellent job for me. He completed a number of small tasks as well as installing a new garbage disposal. In addition I believe Mike has a deep Christian faith which was a real blessing for me as well. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

    Handyman Service

    Have been using Mike for over 6 years. He has repaired leaks and the damage caused by them, installed ceiling fans and a dishwasher, replaced rotten siding, and trimmed trees. He even carved and stained a wooden spindle to replace one that was broken on a dining room chair!


    Perfect!! Professional, knowledgeable and eager to please! I definitely recommend them. They will be my go to handymen!

    Handyman Service--

    It went well. He accomplished everything I needed to have done, including replacing an electrical outlet, replacing and cleaning A/C filters, and replacing a wired-in smoke detector. He also tightened down a loose lavatory faucet, and re-attached a paper towel holder to a cabinet. He cleaned some soiled bricks beneath two windows, on the outside.

    Handyman Service--

    He's good. He's intelligent, resourceful and very trustworthy.

    Handyman Service--

    Excellent! He's a hard worker and he doesn't leave anything undone. He's prompt, thorough, and he did a good work. He always returns your call. When taking the job, he's always on time and completed what the customers agreed on.

    Handyman Service--

    It was fine. I had a good experience with them. They had a good price and I would use them again.

    Tree Service--

    We spent $1950 on that work and they did an excellent job. It was a very confined space and they took down the 3 palm trees and ground the stumps. It was challenging to get the tree stumps out, but they did a good job and cleaned up well. I was happy with them.

    Tree Service--

    Nice and professional, I really enjoyed working with them!

    Tree Service--

    Mike arrived promptly at the scheduled time. The job was finished the same day. He is very skilled and careful not to damage anything nearby. He cleaned up the area after his work was finished. He inspires trust by informing you of what to expect.

    Tree Service--